Questions ... Comments ... Complaints ...???

From time to time you may have some suggestions, questions or complaints about the club. Please remember that you can talk to any of the Board members at any time. Our contact information is listed on the About Us Page.

Please remember that comments on court or facility maintenance should be made to a Board member, not to our maintenance manager.

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Tennis on Fridays & Sundays - Everyone Welcome!
There is always a group at the club on Sunday afternoons about 3:00 pm and on Friday evenings about 5:00 pm for impromptu tennis. No reservations needed. Whoever shows, plays. Mixed, men's & women's doubles, singles.  On Sundays the group cooks out. Bring your main dish to grill,  a dish to share and your beverage. Great fun, great tennis, great food! Everyone is welcome ... singles and couples ... all levels of play.

Remember to Lock the Bathroom Doors
Always lock the bathroom doors when you are the last person to leave the club ... regardless of the time of day!!

We have combination locks on the bathroom doors. Use your combination to unlock and push the middle key with the lock icon to lock the door when you leave.

Please remember!! When you leave the club, regardless of the time of day, and you are the last one to leave, be sure to lock both bathrooms and the storage room door. If the bathroom doors are kept locked, they will be inaccessible for unwanted visitors to the club.

Mike Nock sent in this link to a site that gives all you tennis players some ideas on how to use all those left over tennis balls. CLICK HERE to see the article.