Tom Gable, President - Liaison to Maintenance Manager - 
Ron Smith, 1st Vice President  & USTA Liaison 
Joan Hufstetler, 2nd Vice President & Social Events Chair
Dave Murman, Treasurer
Cathy Sinko, Secretary

Accounting & Membership Info: (216) 282-4486

USTA: The schedules for the USTA teams are posted in the restrooms.

Guests A non-member may only play a TOTAL OF THREE times in one season. Members who invite non-members to play must determine if that person has already played as a guest with anyone else. If they have already played three times, they are not eligible as a guest -- even if they have not played with you! 
If any member observes that a guest has played more than 3 times, notify a board member. It is the board's responsibility to address the situation. There are application forms for membership in the white mailbox on the deck.

Always remember to sign in on the white board on the fence to play. Courts are always first come, first play. There are no reserved times. If all the courts are taken, sign your name on the "waiting to play" area. The first available court will go to the name at the top of the list. If your playing partner(s) have not arrived, you may not hold a court while others are waiting. You must put your name on the "waiting to play" list until your playing partner(s) arrive.

When people are waiting to play, doubles are limited to 1-1/2 hours and singles to 1 hour.  Please remember if you are playing singles and your time is up, you must come off the court and give your court to the person who is at the top of the waiting list. You may not invite someone else to play doubles with you and start your time again. You can sign in on the waiting list and wait for an available court to play again.

Refrigerator  please do your part to keep the refrigerator clean. While our maintenance crew will clean the refrigerator weekly, you are responsible for throwing out any food that you have stored that is no longer usable. Also, if you spill something, please clean it right away. It will make the refrigerator experience more pleasant for everyone.

Sprinklers - Do not place any obstacle over the sprinklers or leave chairs out on the courts. Our watering systems goes on automatically during the night, and anything placed on or near the sprinkler heads will cause them to malfunction.  Please keep the gates on the courts closed at all times. Again, when the sprinklers come on during the night, if the gates are left open, they impair the path of the sprinkler heads that are near the gates. So if you enter or leave the courts by the gates or go from one bank of courts to the other through the gate, please make sure it is closed and bolted. 

Push button combination door locks for the rest rooms.
We have combination locks for the rest rooms. Check with a Board member if you do not know the combination.  

Barbeque Grill  - if you use the grill, please be sure to clean it after each use and cover after it has cooled. It will last longer if we take care of it.

Shoes - Please remember to wear soft court shoes. The shoes with the heavy ridges really tear up the courts.

Housekeeping: Put the cap on the marker after you sign up so it doesn't dry out. Discard your bottles and cans in the garbage cans and cigarette butts in the "butt cans," not on the ground.

All questions or concerns must be directed to your board members.