For information on USTA  teams at The Tennis Club, 
please contact Ron Smith, USTA Co-ordinator:

Phone: 440-653-9209

The Board has approved a new policy governing participation in the USTA program at TTC. The biggest change is that ALL players playing on a USTA team for The Tennis Club must be club members. Look for a schedule of home match dates to be posted at TTC and on our website when match dates are finalized in May.

2018 USTA Teams at TTC:

Olive Lynn - 8.0 - 55 - Monday 11:00 am - 3 courts

Doug Cook, 9.0 - 55 - Monday 6:30 pm - 3 courts

Dave Limberg, 4.5 - Thursday 6:30 pm - 5 courts

Ron Smith - 8.0 - 55 - Thursday 6:30 pm - 3 courts
(Note: the Thursday teams will alternate dates so only one team is playing each week)

Cathy Sinko - 8.0 - 65 - Friday 11:00 am - 3 courts

Full schedules are posted  in the restrooms so members are aware when USTA teams are scheduled to play.

 Click here for the complete home schedule for USTA matches at The Tennis Club.