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2024 New Member 
and Associate Dues


Single – $350 (Dues) + $500 (Initiation Fee): 
Total – $850 + Tax

Family – $550 (Dues) + $500 (Initiation Fee):
 Total – $1,050 + Tax


Single – $350 (Dues) + $200 (Initiation Fee):
 Total – $550 + Tax

Family – $550 (Dues) + $200 (Initiation Fee):
 Total – $750 + Tax

The Initiation Fee is a one-time fee paid upon becoming a Member or Associate. Dues are paid annually by all Members and Associates.

Members have voting rights, may serve as Directors and Officers and have other rights in the funds, 
rights and claims of the Club.

Associates have no interest in the funds, rights and claims or the Club, no voting rights, and may not serve as Directors or Officers of the Club.
Current associates/members with dues questions can email: