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Save on membership dues for the first three years!!
The Tennis Club is running a special offer for new members who join this year. It features greatly reduced dues for the first three years, and the initiation fee may be paid over a 3-year time frame. 
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Current Member Dues Information

Initiation Fee: Non-refundable Initiation Fee for new members:
(Individual or Family)
Corporation Member (Owner): $500+tax    -   Club Member:  $200+tax

Dues are payable each year by April 15
Family: $425+tax  -  Single:  $300+tax

Corporation members become part of the body that governs the club and obtain certain other rights and interest in the funds, rights and claims of the Corporation. Corporation members may vote on all club elections and other business requiring a vote of the membership.  All other privileges for Corporation and Club members are the same. Annual dues must be paid with the initiation fee.