The Tennis Club
Membership Dues Payment Form

Dues are payable each year by April 15
Family: _____$453.69.  -  Single:  _____$320.25

Send check payable to The Tennis Club to: 
The Tennis Club
c/o 759 Lear Rd.
Avon Lake, OH 44012

Please fill out or update any changes in your membership 
information and return the form with your payment:

Name(s): ____________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________________________

Work Phone(s) (if you want it listed on the roster):

Name:  _________________________________________________

Name:  __________________________________________________

e-mail address(s):    ___________________________________________________


Non-refundable Initiation Fee for New Members:
(Individual or Family)
Corporation Member: $500+$33.75 tax - $533.75
       Club Member:  $200+$13.50 tax - $213.50

Corporation members become part of the body that governs the club and obtain certain other rights and interest in the funds, rights and claims of the Corporation as described in The Tennis Club bylaws. Corporation members may vote on all club elections and other business requiring a vote of the membership. Annual dues must be paid with the initiation fee.

New Members: Trial Memberships - Special Offer for 2020

Trial Memberships are available for those preferring to “try the club out” before they join. CLICK HERE for the details on our Special Offer for members joining this year.