The program enables local tennis players to join with the payment of the Club’s initiation fee spread over two years. 

Under the program, a single player may join as an Associate for $300 dues plus $75 initiation fee in Year 1 and $300 dues plus $125 initiation fee in 
Year 2. 

A family may join as Associates for $425 dues plus $75 initiation fee in Year 1 and $425 dues plus $125 initiation fee in Year 2. 

Pricing does not include sales tax, which will be charged on both dues and initiation fees.The Tennis Club Board of Trustees has approved a special Trial Membership Program.

Details of the 2021-22 New Member Trial Program  

Terms & Conditions

1. The Trial Membership is a special program for 2021-22.

2. The Trial Membership is not available to any current active or inactive member or former member who has been active within the past four (4) years.

3. New members will have a one time offer to participate in this special Trial Membership Program. An individual or family will not be permitted to start the program, drop out, and rejoin under this program at a later date. If they start, drop out and wish to join at a later date, they will be required to pay the regular Club Membership Dues.

To become a Corporation Owner member an additional $300 initiation payment is required.


For questions or more information, call
(216) 282-4486.

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