Details of the 
2019 Three-Year 
New Member Trial Program  
& Junior Membership Program

The Tennis Club Trustees approved a special 3-year membership program for the 2019 season. 

The program enables local tennis players to join the club at greatly reduced fees for the first three years and allows them to pay the $200 initiation fee over a 3-year period. In the 4th year, the regular dues take effect. 

Three Year Trial Membership Fee Schedule, Years 1 - 4:

First Year
New member Single Dues - $175+tax
New member Family Dues -  $200+tax
No Initiation Fee Due

Second Year 
Single Dues - $175+tax
Family Dues -  $200+tax
$75 of the $200 initiation fee is due
Total due: Single - $250+tax; Family - $275+tax

Third Year 
Single Dues - $175+tax
Family Dues -  $200+tax
The final payment of $125 of the $200 initiation fee is due
Total due: Single - $300+tax; Family- $325+tax

Fourth Year 
Fourth Year Club Member Single Dues - $300+tax (or current dues)
Fourth Year Club Member Family Dues - $425+tax (or current dues)

To become a Corporation Owner member after 3 years, an additional $300 initiation payment is required.

Junior Membership:  
Available to players under the age of 21. The single membership fee is $150+tax per year with no initiation fee requirement. To retain membership when a player turns 21 the $200+tax Club Member Initiation Fee shall be paid plus the single or family annual membership fee.


For questions or more information, call
(216) 282-4486.

To download a brochure with an application form, click on the download button below.
Benefits of The Tennis Club
& the 2019 
New Member Program

Save on  single  OR family membership dues for the first three years.

Pay the $200 club initiation fee over a three-year period. No initiation fee due the first year.

8 Expertly maintained Har-Tru Courts

There are NO additional hourly court fees at the club!!

Tournaments, socials & USTA teams